Kolkata Resident Behind Hoax Bomb Call in Howrah - New Delhi Rajdhani Express, Says Did it Because 'Missed the Train'
Image Used for Representational Purpose Only | (Photo Credits: PTI)

New Delhi, July 8: The Howrah - New Delhi Rajdhani Express Bomb Scare on Saturday led to the train getting vacated and halted at Ghaziabad as bomb squad was pressed into service, but it now turns out that the Delhi railway police had received a hoax call claiming there was a bomb planted inside the train and the call was made by a resident of Kolkata because he wanted the train to get delayed as he had missed the train.

He confirmed during the police interrogation that he was on his way to Delhi from Patiala to catch the Rajdhani from Delhi with his wife who was along with him. The man has informed police that he missed the train as he had to halt at a pharmacy which took more time than expected.

It then occurred to him that he could board the train from Ghaziabad station but only if the trains gets delayed. It is at this moment that Supriyo Mukherjee aged 43, decided to make a hoax call and planted the false bomb story so that he could board the train from Ghaziabad.

The police team had on Saturday had detained an engineer as they thought that he was the one who had made the hoax call. The suspicion on the engineer arose because he was caught catching the Rajdhani train as soon as he got down from another train and it seemed to police as if he was the one who missed the train. But the police released him once they realised that he was not the culprit behind the hoax call. Police said that they are now certain that Supriyo Mukherjee was the one who made the hoax call as he himself has admitted it.