Mumbai Fights With Pothole: Congress’ Sanjay Nirupam Launches ‘Chalo Potholes Ginne’ Campaign
Potholes are a major woe of Mumbaikars.(Photo Credits: @kshahofficial)

Mumbai, July 12: The Mumbai Congress President Sanjay Nirupam, one of the opposition leaders, has come up with an innovative idea to focus the attention of the authorities and the government to the potholes ridden roads in Mumbai. With increasing instances of death due to potholes, the opposition parties have accused the ruling government for their failure to provide good roads.

On Thursday, Nirupam along with his partymen staged a protest in Mumbai's Pratiksha Nagar to slam the authorities for civic negligence and wasting the taxpayers' money. Nirupam in his latest campaign has urged the citizens to click the pictures of potholes in their areas and report it to the authorities. Besides this, he has also come up with a hashtag-- #chalo_pothole_ginne, which means "let's count the potholes." The purpose behind the move is to provide good roads to the citizens who have to experience bumpy rides, and in more serious cases, endanger their lives because of the potholes.

Mumbai Congress in their latest campaign against potholes has also issued  WhatsApp numbers of the BMC on which the citizens can send the pictures of potholes and complaints about bad roads to the civic body. Deaths due to these deadly potholes have not just highlighted the grim picture of Mumbai's poor infrastructure but also exposed the apathy of civic body towards the recurring pothole problem. Here is the tweet from INC.


Apart from this, a news report in the DNA, states that BMC has received more pothole-related complaints, around 76 percent more, in the first week of July itself, between 3 and 10. BMC during this period received 837 complaints pertaining to potholes, out of which 475 were registered by July 3. Although BMC has been receiving increasing more potholes complaints, a few days ago, at Monsoon assembly sessions the Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis claimed that the number of potholes in Mumbai has reduced in last four years. As per the data read by the CM, in the year 2016-17, there were 4,478 potholes, which decreased in the year 2017-18 as only 4,044 potholes have been reported.