Barcelona Football Club (FCB) is now the official partner of ReeCapital, a top technology company that deals with coins, and mining hub. This 3-year partnership agreement is believed to expose the fans to play along with coins with their team and also be able to experience one of a kind experiences during match days.

The partnership agreement was announced on the 3rd of December 2020 and this event was held at Dubai, UAE with great grandeur and gala with some notable names from the company as well as the club. FC Barcelona was represented by Josep Pont, Board of Directors member responsible for the Commercial Area of FC Barcelona, and  Mr. Rajeed Asmahan, Chief Marketing Officer of ReeCapital, and also his team Doctor Faheed Albuqaish, Mohammad  Maraghi

With this partnership, ReeCapital will take full advantage of the popularity of Barcelona FC and its huge fan base to expand and reach more audiences while also cooperating on exclusive fan engagement activities as well to look for new opportunities for traders. ReeCapital have planned for expansion with a variety of engagement plans especially with the fans. Barcelona Chief Commercial

Officer Josep Pont stated his excitement in the association between the club and ReeCapital. “As a club, our digital approach has always looked to redefine the content status-quo, and we were excited at the shared values between ourselves and the ReeCapital team,” he added.

“I am thrilled by the vision and commitment of the management and the remarkable speed at which the company is growing and making its mark in the tokens-mining world,”

“I am positive that this partnership will bring a fresh perspective to help us grow both our businesses and introduce both the brands to new customers. We are proud of our style as a football club, and as this deal shows we are also a very modern team.”

“We are positive that trading will make a lasting impression in the world of football. However, the fact that a trading company can go out there and make a statement like this, and align with such a well-respected brand with such a huge tradition as FC Barcelona, makes a statement that the industry is maturing, and is rapidly evolving,” remarked Mr. Rajeed Asmahan, Chief Marketing Officer of ReeCapital.

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