Jalna Vidhan Sabha Constituency Election Result 2019 in Maharashtra: Gorantyal Kailas Kisanrao of Congress Wins MLA Seat in Assembly Polls
Jalna Vidhan Sabha Seat (Photo Credits: File Photo)

Mumbai, October 25: The result has been declared Jalna Sabha constituency on Thursday. The India National Congress (INC) candidate Gorantyal Kailas Kisanrao defeated the nearest Shiv Sena nominee Arjun Panditrao Khotkar. The Jalna assembly seat is a part of Maharashtra's Jalna parliamentary constituency. Assembly Elections 2019 Results: No Cakewalk For BJP, Majority Shrunk in Maharashtra, Realpolitik Needed to Retain Haryana.

In the 2014 Maharashtra Vidhan sabha elections, the saffron alliance of BJP-Sena returned to power after a hiatus of 15 years. Both the parties had contested without a pre-poll pact, and had ended up winning 122 and 63 seats, respectively. The Congress and the NCP -- which also fought without a pre-election alliance -- were reduced to 42 and 41 seats, respectively.

The main contest for the 288-member Maharashtra Assembly was between ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) -- which has allied with Uddhav Thackeray's Shiv Sena, and Sharad Pawar's Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) which contested the elections in alliance with Congress.

Along with Maharashtra, the state of Haryana went also went to polls on October 21. In both states, the pollsters had given the edge to the BJP. In Maharashtra, the BJP-Sena alliance was predicted to bag up to 205 out of the 288 constituencies, as per one of the opinion polls.

MLA CandidatesPartyVotes
David Pralhadrao DhumareIND884
Kailas Gangadhar PhulariAAP82
Anand Kundlik MhaskeIND75
Arjun Subhash KanseIND71
Noorkhan Maheboob KhanIND71
Nade Dnyaneshwar DagdujiIND70
Baban Govindrao BordeIND63
Rahul Babanrao RatnaparkheIND62
Arjunrao Dadapatil BhandargeIND54
Milind Balu BordeIND51
Gorantyal Kailas KisanraoINC47349
Bhaskar Sheshrao BordeIND46
Rashid Abdul AjijBSP4184
Ratan Asaram LandageIND40
Bijlabai Vitthal MhaskeIND38
Ashok KharatVBA3699
George Robinson ShindeIND344
Arjun Panditrao KhotkarSHS30720
Bhagwan Gowardhan ChavanIND30
Juned Yunus QureshiIND263
Gautam Gangadhar KakadeIND222
Haresh Dhannulal BhurewalIND202
Tulsabai Shankar KshirsagarIND190
Vinod Shamson LondheIND178