Start-up Break Your Lease app is designed to help people get out of contracts without the usual wait periods and hefty fees.

The world-first app was launched in mid-2020 and has already received over 1 million downloads, ranking it number 18 in the world under the “global lifestyle apps” category.

Break Your Lease app initially launched to help tenants renting residential and commercial property break their lease with their landlords. The scope has since grown to help people trade their gym memberships, car, motorbike and boat leases by connecting them to someone who would like to take over the commitment.

Founder and chief executive officer Richard Saville said the app offers an alternative option to people who are struggling to pay their current leases.

“The app has helped many people locally in Australia and around the world with a simple solution to get out of their lease, oftentimes alleviating alot of stress,” said Mr Saville.

It’s no wonder the Break Your Lease app ( has seen such huge milestones reaching millions of people around the world, as it puts control back in the hands of the consumer.

When asked about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on app downloads, founder Richard Saville said that rising unemployment rates and changing economy helped more than hindered the Break Your Lease app downloads.

“It is the first and only app of its kind. We are excited by how Break Your Lease app is helping so many people get out of leases that may not serve them anymore.The increase in downloads so far has been phenomenal and the COVID-19 Pandemic has helped increase it’s popularity as people’s personal circumstances change.”

“Some users wanting to build wealth through the pandemic are able to cash in and take over contracts with a reduced commitment period.”

Richard Saville spent more than 10 years in the Australian Real Estate industry and wanted to solve the complexities around breaking a lease. He combined his knowledge of property and technology to bring Break Your Lease app to life, initially launching in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Italy, France, Germany, UK and USA.

He says one of the major hurdles was getting the patent, plus correct licencing and terms and conditions, to bring Break Your Lease app to life.

“I’m glad we pushed through the challenges to bring this app to life and it is my mission to make this app a household name in every English speaking country in the world.”

Break Your Lease app has also been endorsed by American rapper Sean Paul and Australian sporting stars Justin Hodges, Willy Mason, Tony Milford and Chris Waller.

Break Your Lease app is available for the smartphone via Apple’s AppStore and Android’s PlayStore for MacBooks. In just seven months since launch, more than 1million people globally have downloaded the platform.