There's been an exponential growth in women starting businesses for the first time over the last 12 months. Due to the pandemic, thousands of women were either forced to leave their jobs, had to come up with creative ways to earn an income, or became fed up with "corporate America" limitations.

While so many new startups were based on good ideas and some initial funding, female business owners quickly realized how competitive and saturated the market is. Most women do not have entrepreneurship, sales, or marketing experience, which will catch up to them if they don't have a coach or mentor to give them step-by-step guidance.

Christina has a proven track record of developing female entrepreneurs related to marketing, branding, and monetizing their digital products and specifically serving online coaches, consultants and strategists with a 12-week business accelerator course to provide training on every aspect of entrepreneurship.

With more than 15 years of experience in consulting startups to multi-million dollar corporations, Christina has a passion for working with female-owned small businesses. Over the last six months, she has witnessed so many women burning out, becoming overwhelmed, and even wanting to quit their business because they weren't prepared to become an online marketer, expert copywriter, or tech wizard, so their client acquisition plan has failed them. Without reliable or consistent income, the funds eventually run out.

Christina works one-to-one with her clients to provide a customized action plan because every business is a living entity that needs different strategies at different growth phases. She also teaches her clients how to build out two simple assets to make quantum leap revenue in the record. Her proven client attraction system works for several different industries and niches, as long as you have a service-based model.

Getting back to human connection and heart-centered marketing is at the core of her business curriculum, along with other essential components like mindset work, sales psychology, profitability planning, and much more.

The mission of her Go Get-Her™ movement is to empower women to overcome their limiting beliefs, thrive as entrepreneurs, achieve financial security, and live with absolute freedom.

There are excellent testimonials for her program.

“Christina is such a thought leader and a business and mindset coach that I'm excited to have met and to have her in my corner. She truly empowers women to harness their full potential to live a powerful and abundant life. And combining her business experience, entrepreneurship, and life experience – she truly has a trifecta that no other coach has. And Christina's passion for helping women is so inspirational. Her unique three-tiered coaching method will truly ensure that her clients will find such a deep connection to fully discovering their potential and going after their dreams with fulfillment.” - Dr. Zonzie McLaurin.

“Christina has a unique ability to transform dreams into reality. I’ve been working to turn my side hustle into a business for years. Within weeks of working with Christina in the Go Get-Her Program, I had a comprehensive roadmap to launch my company. She walked me through every step, from pricing to designing service packages. Nothing was overlooked. Her compassionate, supportive, and knowledgeable approach gave me the confidence to navigate the overwhelming experience of starting a business. I was able to quit my full-time job and successfully find my first paying clients. I am so thankful for her guidance and would recommend her to anyone.” - Cyndi Zaweski.

Want to start a business? Don't want to waste your time and put efforts in the right direction? Christina Can help you.