Whether you prepare food for yourself, friends, family, or clients, remember, cooking from the heart will give your meal that little something extra. And to reach that extra mile, Cuisipro was established in the late 1970s by Peter Browne of Browne & Co with the aim to bring something innovative, extraordinary, and revolutionary to the foodservice industry. The makers of Cuisipro believe that in order to facilitate freedom of absolutely passionate cooking, it is necessary to create quality tools that ultimately bring a sense of delight to the entire act of cooking.  

Cuisipro is a Canada-based leading manufacturer of cookware products, best known for innovative cooking tools such as measuring cups/spoons, SGT graters, and Fat Separators. Cuisipro was established to serve as a basic line of “off the shelf” items primarily for the foodservice industry in the Canadian market. In the late 1990s, Cuisipro developed the brand for the retail market intending to revolutionize the global bakeware and cookware industry. From the very origin of this avant-garde firm, it has been true to its promise of offering products that are conceived in the intelligent and imaginative eye and shaped with input from professional chefs, cooking enthusiasts, and the international palates of the Cuisipro team.

Sure creativity and innovation can be complex, multi-level, and emergent especially since it has been over two decades of facilitating these concepts in the very business model of Cuisipro, but in order to maximize the benefits of new and improved ways of working, Cuisipro has made sure to never compromise on these aspects. Cuisipro’s practical design, reliable quality, and clever innovation separate it from the competition. Since the inception, Cuisipro has offered quality items and has become one of the highly acclaimed for design, quality, and innovation. It has designed a number of unique products that have changed the course of the entire food industry such as Donvier Ice Cream Maker (world’s first ice-cream maker that requires no electricity), Tongs (with patented locking mechanism), Original Measuring Cups, The Roast and Serve Rack with a removable pin and our award-winning Fat Separator.

At the heart of Cuisipro is its mission to design and create quality products that bring joy, pleasure, and inspiration when preparing, cooking & serving culinary delights. With a passion & love for food, for cooking, and for sharing, Cuisipro has dedicated itself to not only develop products that attract the eye, reward in their function, and bring a quality that endures but also be the brand that connects people around the art of cooking, entertaining & experiencing enjoyment with family & friends!!

Encompassing a wide range of products for cooking and serving, Cuisipro continues to design and develop exciting new products and categories that meet changing consumer needs and preferences. With a keen focus on food and cooking trends, the Cuisipro design team is always on the lookout to introduce more and more innovative products to its long-standing clientele. The highlighting feature of Cuisipro is that every product that has been created and every product that is yet to come is a product of collective intelligence and imagination telling a tale of its inevitable origin. 

As it has been true to its promise for the past two decades, Cuisipro will continue to revolutionize the industry by refining its concepts to bring the best ideas to life with high-quality workmanship and ultimately offering products abiding by rigorous testing standards.