Emotional Cheating: 5 Signs You Are Emotionally Unfaithful to Your Partner
Couple (Pixabay)

A lot of times, we resort to an outside source when we don't get the things we want in a relationship. Although that doesn't, in any case, justify cheating, some people do end up having an emotional affair with a person other than with the one they're in a romantic relationship with. Having an emotional affair can complicate things inside of your head but deep down inside you know you're not doing right to your partner. Here are a few signs that prove you are emotionally cheating on your partner:

1.  You Rely on Them

You rely on this person for everything. instead of going to your partner, you go to this person if you feel the need for something. Basically, they're your go-to person. Getting Back With Your Ex? Here’s How to Make Your Relationship Work the Second Time.

2. You Want to Be Around Them

You might convince your friends that you're not emotionally into this person, but when you find excuses to be around them, your heart knows that you secretly wish to be just around them all the time.

3. You Keep Secrets

You are not completely honest with your partner about your equation with this person you're having an emotional affair with. I am a Relationship Virgin; Is It Normal to Never Have Had a Boyfriend?

4. You Say You are "Just Friends"

You know it's easy to hide your feelings behind the "just friends" tag but ask yourself this - Are you really just friends? If you are, then why do they get a special preference in comparison to your other friends?

5. You Think About Them All the Time

You think about this person throughout the day. Your first thought after waking up and the last one before going to bed is all about them.

The signs of emotional cheating are always there and if you can relate to them, it's time you be completely honest with yourself. Are you being fair to yourself or to your partner, who you are romantically involved with? If you aren't satisfied with the relationship, maybe its time to raise the issue and address the concerns.