James Charles Tries to Score Collab With Millie Bobby Brown and Brendon Urie, Both Say ‘NO!’
(Photo Credits: Twitter/teaperiod)

Millie bobby brown has joined the list of top celebrities with her super-hit Netflix series Stanger Things. As Millie’s fandom keeps on growing, everyone wants to get associated with her. The one person who tried his best was James Charles. James Charles has the reputation to jump on every opportunity he can get to get famous people on his channel. Not only Millie, but James also tried his luck with legend Brendon Urie from Panic! At The Disco. And just like Millie, Brendon too shut him down. Sephora Busted by YouTuber After Makeup Giant Sells 3-Year-Old Expired Products in the Name of Sale.

Earlier this week, Stranger Things’ actress, Millie Bobby Brown went on Instagram live to talk to her fans and answer some fan questions. She was live for about 23 minutes. As the fans were questioning Millie about her personal life and the show, James Charles commented on her live stream asking Millie for a sister collab! He commented, "Millie let's film a makeup video & talk abt season 3 hehe", to which Millie made a strange face and didn’t reply. And James didn’t stop there. James added another comment on Millie’s Livestream saying, "sisters x millie makeup tutorial where we glam & talk about season 3? 🤔". Millie Bobby Brown has still not responded to James yet and fans have come up with hilarious memes on Twitter. Thirstday Treat: Just A Few Drop Dead Gorgeous Pictures Of Priyanka Chopra To Get You By The Day And Possibly The Rest of The Week!

Millie Bobby Brown When James Charles Commented

On the same day, Brendon Urie from Panic! At The Disco went live on twitch and noticed James had joined his stream. He talked to James like any other fan. James then proceeded to ask Brendon for a collab to which Brendon replied “not this year, dude, but thank you. I’m not leaving my house for the rest of the year.

Brendon Urie's Answer To James

James Charles got salty over Brendon’s answer and claimed he had agreed to do a video together earlier.

James Talking About Brendon Urie

This is not the first time James Charles has made an artist uncomfortable. There was drama with James and Shawn Mendes when he commented on Shawn Mendes’ Instagram live with “can u juggle me like that” and Shawn Mendes abruptly ended his live chat. People trolled James all over the internet after that incident.