Fashion designer Michael Lombard is back, and bigger than ever, showcasing his designs at Vie Fashion Week in Dubai. Fashion designer to the stars, Lombard has been eager to unleash his creativity with his latest collection - The Intergalactic Psychedelic Collection.

His master manipulation of leather has been propelled into another dimension with eclectic colors and kaleidoscopic shapes. His designs evoke an otherworldly and mystical feeling that will leave you hanging on the edge of your seat.

In his most recent work, Michael has pushed past his horizons to include a greater array of luxurious fabrics and suede. Once again, the designer proves that he is unafraid to step outside of his popular leather looks. Lombard’s fashion forward designs encompass a sense of innovation and futurism, all whilst staying true to his distinct style.

Reality TV stars and powerhouse couple, Kelsea and Cole Moscatel, are set to make their runway debut in Michael Lombard’s Dubai 2021 July show. This influential duo is making their way to the glamorous city of Dubai to walk exclusively for celebrity fashion designer, Michael Lombard.

Kelsea and Cole aren’t just partners in their personal life, they’re extremely successful partners in their entrepreneurial life too. The pair are famous for owning an array of business ventures, amongst them the luxury lifestyle and travel brand ‘Snob World’.

So, what better location for this couple to rock the runway than Dubai, the luxury capital of the world? The Vie Fashion Week is one of the most highly anticipated fashion events of the season and it also doubles as internationally recognized award show.

After a year of global standstill, the fashion industry is getting back to business. The three-day extravaganza will begin on July 1st, and the opening day will culminate with a grand finale from fashion designer Michael Lombard and his Intergalactic Psychedelic Collection.

For those longing to get their hands on one of these showstopping pieces, Lombard’s garments will be up for grabs at an exhibition space after the show. Don’t sit back and wait, we guarantee these pieces will be flying off the runway in no time.

Make no mistake, the Moscatels and Michael Lombard are a killer combination that cannot be missed.