Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse 2018 Pictures: Watch First Glimpses of Century's Longest Lunar Eclipse of July 27
Lunar eclipse 2018 (Photo credits: Twitter/Koolest_Kay)

Stargazers and astronomy enthusiasts were eagerly waiting for tonight as the century's largest lunar eclipse takes place. The Blood Moon lunar eclipse will last for almost 6 hours in all its phases, with the Moon being under the shadow of the earth for 1 hour 43 minutes. It is going to be a sure delight for Astro enthusiasts as the red planet, Mars too would be seen shining brighter. Along with it, the moon will take an orangish red shade thus called the Blood Moon. If you want to watch the celestial event from home, you can also enjoy the live streaming of the Lunar eclipse.

The Lunar eclipse would be visible from all parts of the world except for North America. The lunar eclipse has already begun in some parts of the world and we have some pictures to show you a glimpse. Although they may not be of the best quality you can still get your first views on the pictures of the Longest Lunar eclipse of the 21st century! Want to Photograph The Longest Lunar Eclipse on July 27? Here Are Some Basic Tips to Capture Tonight's Blood Moon

Check out some Pictures of the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse 2018

Moon by the sea!


So beautiful!

These are very initial images that people have shared from different parts of the world. Are you going to watch tonight's Blood Moon Lunar eclipse?