Christmas 2018: Would You Try ‘Vagina’ Ornaments For Your Christmas Tree This Holiday Season?
Vagina Christmas decoration. (Photo Credit: Suzanne McAleenan)

Christmas is almost here, and I think everything about Christmas is totally awesome! Right from the vibes to food to gifts and parties. It begins to feel Christmas-y right from November end itself. And probably the best part after food obviously is Christmas decoration. It is when the whole family collectively decorates the Christmas tree and the entire house. It is one thing that brings the family together before the Christmas get-together. Vagina Highlighter, Vajacial + 4 Bizzare Vagina Trends from Social Media That Need to Stop Right Now!

When it comes to Christmas-tree decorations these days, the Christmas decoration ornaments are becoming more personalised and creative, each passing year. One of the most recent Christmas decoration trends is 'vagina-shaped decoration ornament'. Believe it or not! This crazy trend, of the vagina-shaped Christmas-tree decoration ornament, is doing the rounds on the internet is. Known as a vulva bauble, this new item of decoration is becoming popular! Very recently we also saw Vagina Christmas gifts that became very popular, like the vagina pendants and earrings. Not just that even Penis, Butthole and Boob Jewellery was floating on the internet as the Weirdest Christmas Gifts This Holiday Season. 

Moreover, it won't seem like the shape of a vagina in the first instance. Once you see it, you'll understand how subtly the piece of decoration is made to look like a vagina.

Here's how it looks-

A closer look (It is made up of felt)-


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I get new (smaller) boobs in 22 days 🎊 When I'm still compos mentis prior to surgery, I might warn the nurses and the anaesthesiologist that I make felt vaginas. Because when I come to afterwards, God knows what I'll be muttering. Poor bewildered nurses, me all "I think Dr. Carter should hire me to do labiaplasties!" and "My boobs better have uniform sutures or there's gonna be trouble!" and "I sew labia all day and listen to conspiracy podcasts!" and "I do all my stitching by hand too!" and "Do you know the majority of my vaginas come with both inner and outer labia!" and "Aren't you a handsome devil. Did you know that every time a Bell rings, a vagina gets her winnnngggggggs!" . 😂😴😪🏥 ( • Y • ) . #labiaplasty #plasticsurgery #newboobsforsuz #vaginament

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While it may seem a little weird to some, it actually looks cute when used as a decoration. Also, this product is available in a variety of designs. What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments section below.