The internet is filled with all kinds of stuff but quite recently, to get trending on the internet has become THE THING in today's world. And if you thought the madness has an end to it, you couldn't be more wrong. People are doing anything it takes to become viral and get trending. Recently social media was taken over by bizarre vagina trends, yes you read it right. From inserting bizarre things into the vagina to going out and about to beautify it, women were seen doing all sorts of different things to their vaginas.

Here are a few bizarre vagina trends that we don't need and should get rid of even from the internet real soon. Take a look:


Vagina Highlighter:

If you are having a dull day, no worries, you'll at least have a highlighted vagina. Yes! there is a highlighter for your vagina. See it for yourself.

Vajacial: Facial for your vajayjay, did you know you could book a facial for your vagina? Do you think you need a facial for your vagina? That doesn't even sound right or it does? Let us know.

Would you try the vagina cakes?

What about vaginal nails? Have you seen this before?

Vaginal glitter pills: All you have to do is insert it into your vagina to have a glittery orgasm. HELL NO!

Vonturing: It is contouring for vaginas. To make vaginas look pretty and attractive people are now contouring it.

Don't you think they are just bizzare? Which one do you think is the shocked you the most or did you just find them to be normal? Let us know in the comment section below.

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