Ganeshotsav 2018 Recipe of Day 2: Check How to Make Rushichi Bhaji on the Occasion of Rishi Panchami (Watch Video)
Recipe of the day Rushichi Bhaji (Photo credits: YouTube video)

Ganeshotsav 2018 has begun and people are revelling in the festive celebrations. The second day of Ganeshotsav is Rushipanchami, which marks the worship of Saptarishi, the great seven sages. On this day a fast is observed and certain rituals are performed. A person is said to be relieved from all the sins of present or past life by doing so. On this day, a special bhaji known as ruschibhaji is prepared. This vegetable is made with different veggies and is specially made for the second day of the Ganpati festival in Maharashtra.

On the day of Rishi Panchami, all the seven sages named Kashyapa, Jamadagni, Atri, Gautam, Bharadwaj, Vashishta are worshipped. The rushichi bhaji as it is called is made with seasonal vegetables and tubers. Because these vegetables are not so easily available throughout the year the special preparation during Ganpati holds significance.

Take a look at the Ganeshotsav Special Recipe of Rushichi Bhaji: 

This vegetable takes some time to prepare and the ingredients have to be collected at least a day prior if you do not want any last minute hassles. Over the years, there have been adaptations in this recipe and added some other ingredients to give it a twist, although the concept of mixed vegetable with tubers remains intact. This vegetable is said to symbolise the cooking done by the sages in their time. They ate simple but healthy food and made food out of any vegetable that was easily available. Do you'll like this seasonal recipe?