International Dance Day 2019: From Ballet to Break Dance, Beautiful Dance Forms Around The World Which Will Get Your Feet Tapping (Watch Videos)
Dance forms around the world (Photo Credits: Pixabay, Wikimedia Commons)

April 29 is marked as International Dance Day which celebrates the beautiful art of dance. If you are an absolute lover of dance then you know how even a small performance can turn your whole day around. Dance is a good stress buster and mood changer. And the best thing about this art or activity is the variety of forms that it is expressed in around the world. Dance needs just some rhythm or music. If one can find a rhythm somewhere, they can also perform the dance.

The world has enough dance forms, traditional and modern. The occasions for each of the dances also differ and different communities have their own way of emoting the dance. On International Dance Day 2019, let us look at some of the famous dance forms and dance videos from across the world, which are beautiful in their own right. International Dance Day 2019: History And Significance of the Day That Promotes the Art Form.

Kathak, India: Among the many regional dance forms that are popular in India, the Kathak is one of the main forms of classical dance. This dance form which tells a story is said to communicate stories through the performances. The rhythmic footwork, synchronising with hand gestures and facial expressions, Kathak dance is great art in itself. Within this genre of Kathak there are other forms which are based on gharanas (schools).

Watch Video of Kathak Dance From India:

Ballet, Russia: Ballet dance is one of the graceful dance forms that exist in the world. An artistic performance that demands high precision and quality footwork, it is a dance form that originated in Renaissance Italy. It developed as a concert dance in France and Russia in the 15th century. It began as a formal court dance but by the 17th century, there were special ballet academies in Western European countries. Best Dance Workout Videos For Weight Loss.

Break Dance, US: This is an athletic style of street dance which has several other subforms in them. B-boying or B-girling, hip-hop, funk, breakbeat are all other dance forms popularized by African Americans and US Latinos. These dances require very stylized footwork along with the athletic body. The moves include spinning on knees, hands or on the head. These dances were developed by street gangs and developed as a form of martial art. The emphasis is given on energy, movement and also has a sense of danger to it.

Flamenco, Spain: A dance form from Spain, the Flamenco is an expressive medium which involves many expressions altogether. Flamenco is a solo dance that has clapping, percussive footwork and intricate hand and body movements. A singer and a guitar player usually accompany the flamenco dancers. The flamenco dance is noteworthy as it takes it roots from the Indian, Arabic, and Spanish culture, like the sweeping arm movements and rhythmic feet stomping. It is not an easy dance form and requires great practice.

Watch Video of Flamenco Dance From Spain:

Belly Dance, Middle East: Belly dance is another impressive dance form that originated from Middle East folklore. Also called as Arabic dance, it involves extensive moves of the torso. It is among the sensual dance forms in the world and has a special blingy costume in which it is performed. Belly dance is performed even by males. It requires tremendous control on the torso muscles to master it.

Watch Video of Belly Dance From Middle East:

Kabuki, Japan: Kabuki dance form is a dance-drama performance which is popular in Japan. The art form began in the year 1630. Kabuki theatres are very famous for the stylization of its drama and for the elaborate make-up worn by some of its performers. So it is a classical dance-drama and in the year 2005, it was proclaimed by UNESCO as an intangible heritage possessing outstanding universal value.

One can go on listing amazing dance forms around the world because there are so many. Each country has its own traditional dances along with other folk dances of different communities. One need not be a professional dancer to perform, a little grooving to the music to the music and just enjoying themselves is enough. We hope the above dance videos make you want to just get up and dance a little. So don't forget to do your favourite steps on this International Dance Day 2019! Happy dancing, folks.