Lent 2020: Here Are 5 Things You Can Give up Before Easter for a Better Life
What can you sacrifice during Lent (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Easter is just a couple of months away. However, before that, you have your 40 days Lent. Time to bring some discipline in life. If this year you are planning on actually changing your life for the better, you might want to rethink your options and sacrifices you want to make this year. If you are wondering what must you give up for a better life during Lent 2020, let us help you with plenty of options.  While making your preparations for Easter, you can choose to bring in some changes in your life for the better. But before that for those who don't know here is what exactly lent is and lent dates. Ash Wednesday 2020 Date: History and Significance of The Holy Day Marking the Beginning of Lent. 

What Is Lent?

Right before Easter, a 40 day  Lent fast is observed by the Christian community. It is not just about fasting but, in fact, about abstinence from the things we love and maybe are harmful for us. One can bring in discipline in life to make it better. During Lent, one can repent, fast while preparing for the coming of Easter. Lent 2020 Dates: When Does Lent Start? Know Everything About 40-Day Christian Fasting Period That Begins With Ash Wednesday.

When is Lent?

Lent lasts for 40 days. It begins the day after Shrove Tuesday, on Ash Wednesday and is observed between the 46 days between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday. Here are a few things you can sacrifice during Lent for a better life:

Abstain For Gossiping

Make it a point to not talk bad about anyone. Talking negatively about someone or garnering laughter at someone's expense, only spreads more negativity. This year, pledge to just speak good or nothing at all about others.

Your Body Your Temple

Make healthier life choices. Instead of talking badly about others, why not spend some time on your body. Exercise and make healthy diet changes for a better you! You can also join a gym or yoga class.

Do One Nice Thing Every Day

Make sure that during this 40 days of lent you do at least one nice thing a day. It can be as simple as encouraging someone or helping someone in materialistic ways.

Reduce Screen Time

Maybe read more books and do a digital detox instead of staying on phone all day consuming negativity on social media.

Spend More Time Indoors With Family

Your parents are not going to be there for you forever. So whatever time you have, spend it with your family.

You can really do so many things to make sure that this lent period creates a better you and a better life for people around you. Use your imagination tailor this 40 day period to before the best version of yourself!