Chocolate - is a universally loved dish that holds the power to turn our mood around instantly. This delicious delicacy that can be as sweet and as bitter as one can imagine deserves to be celebrated and cherished every day. This is the reason that World Chocolate Day is celebrated every year on July 7. A day especially focused on making the most of the best thing humankind can experience - World Chocolate Day stands as a great opportunity for chocolate connoisseurs worldwide to do something special to mark this day. As we prepare to celebrate World Chocolate Day 2021, here is everything you need to know about this observance. 10 Facts About This Delicacy You May Not Have Known.

When is World Chocolate Day 2021?

As mentioned above, World Chocolate Day is celebrated on July 7 every year. Legend says that this celebration marked the introduction of chocolate in Europe in 1550. Chocolate was said to be a sort of exotic food that was only available in selected countries and specific regions.

Significance of World Chocolate Day Celebration

Chocolate is one of the most beloved condiments that can be consumed in various unique shapes, forms and delicacies. Whether you crave the mid-night nibbles on chocolate chips or enjoy a delicious cup of hot cocoa that just sets our moods to reset, the celebration of World Chocolate Day revolves around encapsulating all the emotions that chocolates can trigger in us and of course, give us the perfect reason to enjoy chocolates a little more. The fact that chocolate consumption in moderate quantity and reliable quality also has various health benefits is further motivation to celebrate this item. From relieving stress to aiding weight loss, there is a lot that chocolate is capable of, and it needs to be commemorated.

There are various ways that people across the world celebrate world Chocolate Day. The most common way, of course, is by gifting our friends and family some yummy chocolates and candies, trying our hand at making unique chocolate desserts like the 100-hour chocolate cake or even classic but genius chocolate chip cookies. We hope you indulge in your favourite chocolates and give your heart and body the stress relief it needs. Here’s wishing everyone a Happy World Chocolate Day 2021!

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