Having Sex in The Car? Here are 5 Important Tips To Keep In Mind
Car sex (Photo Credits: Max Pixel)

Ever wondered what's it like to have sex in a car? We bet you have! Maybe it's the compact space or the idea of hiding it from everyone and sneakily doing it- there is something really exciting about doing it in a car or a parking lot. Sex in itself is a very exciting and arousing act and when you do it in a car, it becomes just a lot sexier. However, it's not as easy as it's shown in the movies. Definitely not even close to what they show on the screens. It takes a great deal of effort and adjustment to make it happen in the car. There's kissing and there's foreplay which is pretty much still doable but having sex in the car can be quite a time-consuming act. Here's how to have safe sex in a car.

1. Carry an Extra Box of Tissues

You know how things can get really messy and you'd not have anywhere to go. So, make sure you carry an extra box of tissues and trust us when we say this, it's gonna come in handy for sure! Sex Query Of The Week: Sex Positions, Tricks and Tips For Couples With a Height Difference.

2. Use Lots of Lube

Lube, lube lots of lube! Using lube will make the insertion much easier. That way, neither of you would have to struggle for a very long time and the added benefit is that you can try multiple sex positions in the car.

3. Wear Comfy Clothes

What you wear is utterly important because, to be honest, it's not going to be easy to take off those rough pair of denim quite easily in a car. Opt for comfortable clothes that will easily come off. Women could also opt for a short so that it doesn't have to come off at all. All you gotta do is lift it up;)

4. Choose a Safe Place

Getting caught while having car sex isn't even half as thrilling as doing it! It can be embarrassing to get caught while having sex in the car so make sure that you choose a safe place for doing it. How Long Should Sexual Intercourse Ideally Last?

5. Don't Set High Expectations

Don’t have your hopes pinned on movies because like we mentioned earlier, it's not the same in real life. Don't go with high expectations because some people just cannot go beyond cuddling and foreplay in the car. And it's got nothing to do with the couples but with the car itself since it isn't spacious enough.