Bizarre Phobias: From Fear Of Dying In a Hotel to Fear Of Revolving Doors, 10 Completely Weird Things People Dread!
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Everyone is afraid of something or the other even if they say they are not scared of anything. But fear is not the same as a phobia. A phobia is a persistent fear or avoidance of a specific stimulus that causes significant distress in an individual's life. While you may have heard of common fears like fear of heights and fear of spiders, there are many weird, less-talked about phobias that are strangely real. While we cannot really say where the fears come from, they sure manage to make a lot of people pee in their pants.

1. Fear of People Dressed As Clowns

My brother would always run away whenever he saw people in costumes at amusement parks or at the mall. If you have a similar trigger looking at people in costumes, go to a Disney park to face your fears. 7 Shocking Love Phobias That Can Ruin Your Sex Life

2. Fear of Pregnancy

It turns out that most women are just in agony about pregnancy but they pretend that they are not. It is a common fear among women that their stomach will burst open and they will see blood everywhere during delivery.

3. Fear of Parking the Car in the Basement

Raise your hands if you felt that some serial killer is going to jump out and kidnap you from the basement. You are not the odd one out as many people have this fear of parking their car in a dark, dingy place. Commitment Phobic? How to Decide Whether to Commit or Not to a Relationship

4. Fear of Marine Animals

Do you think about jelly fish stinging you as soon as you dip your feet in the sea? Your fear is irrational if you feel that you are going to fall out of the boat and the shark will gulp you down. Don't let the fear breed.

5. Fear of Planets

You might find it really queer but there are people who can't stand to see photos and videos of the earth from the space? Even looking at the sun or the moon gives them a lot of anxiety. How to Open Up about Your Mental Health: Tips to Deal with Depression, Anxiety and Emotional Issues

6. Fear of Revolving Doors

Have you ever been scared that you will not be able to get out of a revolving door and get stuck there? The revolving door might get you tensed with so many people getting in at once, but never look back and worry who is behind you as you might just bump into the glass.

7. Fear of Dams

You get goose bumps just thinking about all that water and the possibility of it bursting out. If you can't hear any conversation about millions of cubic meters of water being held by dams, remember you are not the only one. There are many who breed this fear.

8. Fear of Dying In a Hotel

Think Sridevi and Sunanda Pushkar, if we start making a list of the number of people who died in a hotel, it probably won't even end. With all the scandalous reports of people dying locked up in a room, this fear is pretty legit. Janxiety: Why Do You Feel Anxious During The Start of The Year and How to Deal With It?

9. Fear of Electric Sockets

Are you someone who will call the electrician home even to fix a simple fused bulb? While getting their hands on a socket is a breeze for many, the sockets can be pretty dangerous even if they seem harmless.

10. Fear of Caterpillars

A lot of people get scared to see a caterpillar cross in front of them, so you are not alone. A caterpillar can legit cause an infection and irritation when they touch your skin, so it makes sense to stay away from them.

Did you know that some people also have the fear of flushing toilets? They close the lid before they flush and make their way out of the bathroom as soon as they can. Face your fear if you have any of the phobias, as avoiding the one thing that scares you, increases its power over you.