Janxiety: Why Do You Feel Anxious During The Start of The Year and How to Deal With It?
Anxiety disorder (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

After ringing in the New Years' Eve with much pomp and show, are you feeling low about it already?  Chances are you are feeling Janxiety! People suffering from the feeling of extreme anxiousness, feeling depleted of money and energy, or in a state of a hangover at the start of the year is called Janxiety, a portmanteau of 'January' and 'Anxiety.' People face extreme difficulty in getting back to reality after their vacations and feel a loss of hope after the new year. So if you too are feeling it and do not know it yet,  here how to deal with it.  Dr Era Dutta, a neuropsychiatrist from Mind Wellness explains Jananxiety. Januhairy: Women Share Pictures of Hairy Arms, Legs and Pits to Celebrate Body Hair.

Causes of Janxiety

  • The New Years' time is essentially a holiday season in several parts of the world. So there is, of course, some laziness in getting back to the routine. The holiday mood is still on and some find it difficult to cope up.
  • With a new year, come the resolutions. And while you try hard to keep them all, something or the other misses out. Failing to keep up with one's resolutions is enough to worsen the anxiety that one has already begun to fail.
  • The new year is associated with new beginnings. So a lot of people start with many expectations that this year they will do better. Instead of living for the present, they start looking to the future. They anticipate the many 'good things' that will happen in this year. SO a certain worry of how this year should be keeps cropping up. This worry then turns into anxiety.
  • A lot of educational examinations take place in the month of March- April, especially the board exams. The start of January then begins as a reminder that there is little time left for the finals. So the exam anxiety starts kicking in.
  • January is also the winter season in most parts. It is a difficult task to get up and start afresh in the wintery mornings. Once you wake up late, your routine also goes for a toss, again fuelling the anxiety.

These are some of the probable causes of Janxiety. But every low feeling can be coped up with. Similarly, if you have been feeling lazy, anxious and a hangover that refuses to go, undertake the following measures. Anxiety Isn’t All That Bad! Study Says It Helps You Remember Better.

How to Deal With Janxiety?

  • Make peace that your holidays are now over and you need to start working hard to achieve what you have desired from the current year. The vacation period is over and its time to come back to work.
  • Be consistent with your routine. It will be cold in the morning, the weather will make you want to get little cosy but you need to set your routine. Decide a time beyond which you will not sleep, even if it is a holiday. Make a habit of getting up early.
  • Start exercising. Once you look up to being fit and fine, you will be motivated to get up early and follow a routine. Mindfulness and Yoga May Help Treat Anxiety in Teens.
  • Avoid having too much coffee. Even though a warm coffee on a cold day will feel comfortable, too much caffeine can make one feel anxious. So avoid having more than 2 cups of coffee.

But the best way to tackle all of this lowliness and constant self-doubt is to live for the moment. As Dr Dutta sums up, "When you are living in the past, you are depressed; when you are living in the future you have anxiety." So during January, people start living in the future and take tensions. "When you are living in the present, you are happy," she states and that's one of the best ways to deal with Janxiety. So, if you are feeling unaccomplished, you are not alone but it can definitely be dealt with.