International Stuttering Awareness Day 2018: Boys Stammer More Than Girls, and Other Shocking Facts About Stuttering
Shocking Facts About Stuttering. (Photo Credits: MaxPixels)

It is International Stammering awareness day today. Celebrated on the 22nd of October, every year, this day is observed to spread awareness regarding this speech disorder called stuttering or stammering. This speech disorder that affects millions of people affects millions of people across the world and is yet one of the most lesser understood disordered. People who stammer or stutter are usually a victim of bullying and remain depressed. The speech disorder also has a strong stigma attached to it that makes it excessively difficult to help the ones at the receiving end. However, the unfortunate part is that so many people who don't even understand the condition that well. It is usually seen as a problem with speaking only. International Stammering Awareness Day 2018: Theme, Background, the Significance of the Day Dedicated to the Speech Disorder. 

Here are a few facts about stammering or stuttering that you should know of.

  1. It is more likely for the boys to stutter than the girl; the speech disorder is also more likely to persist into adulthood more in boys than girls.
  2. Over 75 million people stutter across the world.
  3. Stuttering is a neurological condition and it often biological as well. Apart from genetics, child development delays are also one of the major causes that lead to stuttering.
  4. Studdering doesn't always have to be a result of developmental delays, strokes and traumatic brain injuries can also cause stuttering.
  5. A few incomplete evidence have found that people who stammer process speech and language differently.
  6. A few apps like Fluently, Balbus Speech, Smarty Ears are a few great apps that can help people who stutter.
  7. Some famous people who had to deal with stuttering are Marilyn Monroe, James Earl Jones and Emily Blunt.
  8. Many people think that Stuttering is a very easy problem that can be solved by just giving some advice or counselling. Stuttering can be a life-long chronic disorder that may require long professional therapy sessions.
  9. Did you know people usually do not stutter when they sing, whisper, speak in chorus, or when they do not hear their voice? There is no valid explanation for this yet.
  10. Stuttering doesn't have a similar pattern. You won't believe this but there as many distinct patterns of stuttering behaviour as there are people who stammer.

Many people who stutter tend to also succumb to various mental health issues like anxiety, stress and even depression due to the behaviour and bully that they are subject to. Let's make this world a better place for them.