Every year on the 22nd of October, International Stammering Awareness Day (ISAD) is observed. Various Stammering associations all across the world organised evens and awareness programmes to mark this day. While stuttering is not taken as a life-threatening condition, a lot of stigmas is attached to stammering which causes a psychological burden among people who stutter. Otherwise very rarely discussed stammering doesn't get the right kind of attention that it needs. Very less awareness exists in the world about the millions of people suffering from stuttering, a speech disorder also called stammering.

Theme for International Stammering Awareness Day 2018

The theme this year is 'Speak Your Mind.' The theme suggests that one might not let this speech disorder hold you back from sharing your thoughts and speaking your mind. Stammering is usually overlooked as a problem and a lot of people who stammer face a lot of bullying all across the world which can lead to various mental health issues.

Background- Organised by three organizations, International Stuttering Association, European League of Stuttering Associations and International Fluency Association, the Stammering Awareness Day is observed each year since the year 1998. They also began an art project called HEAR in Hull that helps promote understanding of how to listen to people who stammer.

Significance- The campaign believes that Talking about stammering and listening to the people who stammer is how we can collectively help improve the lives of people who stammer. This day entirely dedicated to people who stammer focuses on having a general public talk to the public about stammering. They stress on the fact that talking openly about the speech disorder will help the society get rid of the stigma attatched to stuttering. A very misunderstood disorder, stuttering also has got a lot to do with the mental wellbeing of the person who stutters. Talking about the problem and exchanging ideas from all across the world is therapeutic in its own.

We can stand collectively with the cause and help make this world a better place for the people have this speech disorder. Let's be the change we want to see among the people. Let's talk about stammering and fight any kind of bullying we witness.

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