If you look at the baking segment in any supermarket, you will notice that there are a variety of sugars and sweeteners on the shelf. While you must have always stocked on the white and brown sugar, there is one form of sweetener in particular that you can pick to make a healthy switch. No, we are not talking about honey or jaggery but coconut sugar. Yes, you heard that right. Coconut sugar has been creating a buzz in the superfoods aisle. Here's all you need to know about it.

What is Coconut Sugar?

Coconut sugar resembles brown, granulated sugar and is made from the sap of the coconut palm tree. It has a caramel taste very similar to brown sugar. Unlike white sugar, coconut sugar is unrefined and unprocessed and can make for a nutritious choice when it comes to sugars. In terms of calories, coconut sugar is equivalent to the classic white table sugar. It contains 15 calories per four grams of sugar per teaspoon. 5 Natural and Healthy Sugar Substitutes For A Flatter Tummy and A Fitter Body.

Is Coconut Sugar Healthier Than Traditional Sugar?

In white sugar, the refining process strips it from all of its vitamins and minerals. Coconut sugar does not go through a rigorous refining process and therefore, it contains trace amounts of minerals. That said, you would need to consume a considerable amount of sugar to reap any measurable benefits from those minerals. Iron and zinc, calcium, and potassium, along with short-chain fatty acid are some minerals found in coconut sugar. Cinnamon Health Benefits: From Helping Build a Strong Immune System to Lowering Blood Sugar, Here Are Five Reasons Why You Should Eat This Spice.

Coconut sugar can be an excellent option for people with diabetes as it is lower on the glycaemic index than cane sugar. Foods with a lower GI are more slowly absorbed, thereby reducing the insulin spike that can impact your metabolism. Plus, coconut sugar is not bleached and a more sustainable choice than palm sugar. Diabetes Sugar Substitutes: From Honey to Stevia, 5 Best Sweeteners for Diabetics that are Better Than Sugar.

If you choose to switch to coconut sugar, be sure to keep your daily sugar intake around 25 to 36 grams per day. You might also want to try agave or stevia and see what works for you.

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