Ohio Town Celebrates Christmas in September For Cancer-Stricken Toddler Who Only Has 2 Months To Live
Christmas comes early for Brody Allen (Photo Credits: Facebook, Team Brody)

Residents of an Ohio town in Cincinnati USA are celebrating Christmas in September for a terminally-ill toddler. Brody Allen, the two-year-old was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer, which has left him with only two months to live. To give him something to smile about, Brody’s family planned to celebrate Christmas early this year by putting out decorations and a Christmas tree. In no time, the entire neighbourhood followed suit and welcomed Christmas more than two months in advance. And Brody has been revelling in the celebrations.

The child was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer when the family noticed that the child was experiencing dizzying spells in May. Tests revealed that there were four untreatable tumours in the child’s brain, which in time became five. According to Brody’s dad Todd Allen’s Facebook post, the child has been given the most aggressive treatment possible, despite which the tumour grew. Little Girl Kissed By Pope Francis Miraculously Recovers From Brain Tumour.

One large tumour has been wrapped around his brain stem, three smaller ones on his brain and one on his lower spine. After having tried their best to treat him, the oncologists couldn’t contain the aggressive cancer ravaging Brody’s brain. John McCain Died of Glioblastoma, The Deadliest and The Most Untreatable Form Cancer of The Brain.

After 98 days in the hospital, Brody was finally discharged. But the Allen family want to make the best of the toddler’s time with them. Todd plans to stay at home as much as possible to ensure all of Brody’s needs are taken care of. During their difficult time, friends and neighbours are rallying around the family donating money to take care of their financial needs. There's a Facebook page Team Brody dedicated to the toddler where neighbours routinely post pictures of the town where Christmas has arrived early.

“He has no idea how sick he is. He doesn't care. He just wants to have fun and enjoy every minute. Thank you for all the love, encouragement, and prayers,” writes Todd.