Romaine Lettuce Contaminated by E. Coli: FDA’s New Warning Says That Only Lettuce From Parts of California Should Be Avoided
Only romaine lettuce from parts of California should be avoided. (Photo Credit:

Recently the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has warned US consumers against the Romaine Lettuce and had urged the people to stop consuming Romaine lettuce. However, on Monday, the Federal health officials said romaine lettuce only from certain parts of California is not safe to eat. They also mentioned that romaine lettuce in the market now have to be labelled to inform the consumers about when and where it was harvested.

The Romaine Lettuce also called the cos lettuce has recently has been known to be contaminated with E. coli that are making a large number of people fall sick. Romaine is a variety of lettuce is more extended and have stronger leaves with firm ribs. Romaine lettuce is also known to be tolerant of heat and falls amongst one of the very nutritious foods, even more, nutritious than iceberg lettuce that is very common.  Romaine Lettuce in the US Contaminated By E Coli Bacteria; CDC Warns People After 32 People Taken Ill. 

They have also urged that if the retailers, food service facilities or the consumers are not sure where the romaine was grown, they should avoid consuming it. One should throw it even if someone has eaten eat and they didn't fall sick lengthy statement from Food and Drug Commissioner Scott Gottlieb on Monday to L.A. Times.

FDA officials also claimed that the source of contamination probably is from the Central Coastal growing regions in Northern and Central California. The FDA said to the L.A. Times that romaine lettuce harvested outside of those regions “does not appear to be related to the current outbreak,”. Hydroponically- and greenhouse-grown romaine also does not appear to be affected in the outbreak and these sources are safe to eat from.