Recycling materials can a significant step to save the environment, you may be surprised to learn that some of the items that you thought could be recycled do not belong to that category. While you may want to cut back on waste, putting non-recyclable things with recyclable items contaminates the process. Can your pizza box be recycled? The answer will surprise you. Keep reading for items that may have been recycling for years that you actually shouldn't be.

Oily Pizza Boxes

Thought your greasy cardboard boxes could be recycled? The boxes with leftover food debris are not cannot be reused as they are not paper fibres and, the pulping process cannot separate the cardboard from the food oils.

Brightly Dyed Paper

Who said you could recycle any paper? The heavily dyed ones are heat-treated that contaminate the paper and makes it non-recyclable. World Environment Day 2020: Narendra Modi Urges People to Preserve Planet's Biodiversity.

Styrofoam Containers

Styrofoam containers cannot be recycled. Styrofoam mostly made of air is bulky, and it's not cost-effective to store. Plus, leftover food particles often contaminate the cup.

Plastic Bags

Those plastic bags you use to carry your grocery home are 100% non-biodegradable. Did you know it can take anywhere between 10 to 100 years for the plastic to decompose? World Environment Day 2020: Beautiful Photos of Nature That Puts On Display Unique Biodiversity Around Us.

Car Tires

As much as you would like to believe that tires can be recycled, they can't. Tires occupy too much space, and most recycling facilities cannot accept them. Besides, they can become dangerous if they trap methane gases.

Chips and Popcorn Bags

Manufacturers make those snack bags with mixed materials like polypropylene which is non-recyclable. Plus, it can be extremely challenging to separate the different plastic types. Happy World Environment Day 2020: From Reusable Cotton Pads to Menstrual Cups, Eco-Friendly Ways to Follow During Menstruation That Are Better For You And the Planet!

Did you know that plastic straws cannot be recycled too? The thin and tiny straws bend too quickly to be recycled. Plus, recycling them would mean that they would invariably fall into the cracks of the machinery.

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