Sofia Nadjibi’s number one priority is helping people. That passion is the driving force behind everything that she does, including the founding of Golden Gate Lending Group and her desire to educate the real estate market on bridge loans. Since 1998, Sofia has helped over 1000 homeowners become cash buyers without having to wait around for the equity from selling. She believes her success is deeply rooted in her commitment to reliability and her mindset to “give without expecting anything back.” Sofia is on a mission to break down the misconceptions around bridge loans and to show homeowners and real estate agents alike the possibilities that can be unlocked when utilizing this lending solution.

In fact, just last month Sofia helped one of her clients beat out 20 offers (yes, 20) and buy their dream home after a 6 month search. The deal had no contingencies, a 14 day close, and was a cash-like offer. “We won with the cleanest terms in a very chaotic and competitive situation, beating out 20 other offers!” Sofia said, ecstatic for her client’s new home and new life.

How does Sofia win deals like this? How did she help 88 different realtors close on deals that wouldn’t have otherwise in 2020? How could she help you leverage the equity in your current home? It’s important to look a little bit at who Sofia Nadjibi is to truly understand.

Sofia’s 25-year career started as a college student when she got a part-time job as a commercial mortgage underwriter. She soon transitioned to the residential lending space and found her niche: helping people creatively through mortgages. But when the housing crisis hit in 2008 and the market shifted to plain 30-year-fixed mortgages, the innovation behind helping homebuyers and sellers dwindled, and Sofia realized that she was not a salesperson; she just wanted to creatively help people find their dream homes. When she moved with her family in 2010 and benefitted massively from the personal use of a bridge loan, her desire to help others have the same success story was ignited. Sofia now dedicates her career to helping people unlock the equity tied up in their homes and leverage that into buying before they sell through the use of bridge loans.

Not only has Sofia become an absolute expert in the use of bridge loans, she has built a reputation of unflinching integrity and uncompromising standards for the work that she does and the people she does it with. She is not in this business for the commission, but to show sincere care for every customer she has the opportunity to serve. “I’m in it to help retirees move when they didn’t think they’d be able to. To help families that don’t want to go into a short-term rental but feel like that’s their only option.”

The proof that this selfless approach works is in the real life success stories. In 2020, Sofia and the Golden Gate Lending Group closed 44 bridge loans, representing 88 realtors that closed on deals that never would have happened if not for the creativity of the lending. 80% of the homes that they closed received an offer that was higher than the estimated value, and 75% of their clients walked away with $100k more in their pocket than they would have without the use of a bridge loan, even after external costs like home staging and realtor commission.

The combination of Sofia’s kindness and impressive expertise make her an ideal asset in any homebuyer or seller’s process. Whether you feel stuck in your home with no real lending solutions in sight or all your equity is tied up in your current house, the Golden Gate Lending Group is ready to set you free from homeowner’s purgatory with a simple and proven process. Above all, Sofia wants to create a bridge from heart to home and share the power of bridge loans.