International Kissing Day is annually observed on July 6. A good enough reason to have a passionate kiss with your partner? If your answer is no then let us give you a few more reasons to kiss your partner today. Apart from being extremely good for your relationship, kissing can also help burn calories. Yes! You read that right. You can burn about 120 calories per hour by a vigorous kiss. It may not convert into you visibly losing weight but it for sure speeds up your metabolism. Health Benefits of Kissing Including Weight Loss and Long Life Will Leave You Pleasantly Surprised.

Moreover, kissing also makes you happier. Isn't that a good reason enough? But yes, when we say kissing, we mean an enjoyable, memorable kiss. Kissing might seem easy, but if not done right, it can ruin the whole mood (read your partner might run away!) But fret not! We got you. Here are a few tips that can help you how to kiss your girlfriend or boyfriend romantically, the right way.

1. Check Your Breath:

Nobody wants to smell the Chole Bhature you ate a while before kissing. There cannot be a bigger turnoff than that. Carry some gum or mint with you all the time especially when you know there could be a situation where you guys might kiss.

2. Consent:

If you don't want your kiss to turn into an embarrassing episode, make sure that both of you are on the same page. There is nothing sexier than consent. Do is subtly or maybe, talk it out, but don't skip this part.

3. Start With Soft Breathing:

Use your soft breath(obviously after sanitizing it with a piece of gum) to build the excitement. Slowly, while caressing her with your lips, tickle her lips, neck area with your breath.

4. Take it Slow:

Do not jump on your partner like you have been deprived of kisses since forever, let the excitement build slowly. A kiss that starts gradually end up to be the best one. Also, you are relaxed and slowly leave all the stress out.

5. Lick First:

Do not directly start kissing, instead moisten your partner's lips by licking slowly.

6. Kiss gently:

Always remember that less is more, especially in the beginning of the kiss. You'll get the perfect feel only when you are gentle in the beginning.

7. Note the reactions:

It is not just about you but your partner as well. Notice how he/she reacts and make adjustments if required. You'll only enjoy the kiss if your partner enjoys it too.

8. Mimicry is important:

Your partner's body language will let you know if he/she is enjoying it or it. If your partner likes one particular thing while kissing, let's say biting the lower lips, make sure that you do the same to your partner too

9. Size of your mouth:

A man's mouth size is usually bigger than the woman's. Do not gobble her mouth up in excitement.

10. Use your tongue carefully:

Make sure if your partner is open to the tongue thing. Do not do it if she/ resists. Start with a softer touch and if your partner seems okay with it, go ahead.

11. Do not become overwhelming:

Give your partner a minute in between to breathe. Maybe look intensely into the eyes or give a soft smile. Do not go overboard.

12. Nibbles:

While many people like nibbles, many don't! Light bites are acceptable, and they make the kiss even more enjoyable, but don't overdo it.

Ultimately, it is what works for you two! Trial and errors, pave the way. You must communicate about your desires; it makes both your relationship and your sexual life healthier. How did you like the tips? Do you have anything to add or any experience to share? Put it down in the comments section below.

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