Kylie Jenner Butterfly Nail Art: Here’s How You Can Get the Dainty Manicure at home(Watch Tutorial Video)
Kylie Jenner dainty Butterfly Nail Art (Photo Credits: Instagram/ Kylie Jenner)

Kylie Jenner nail art is a big thing on social media. Not only is her manicure style super chic but it is also super popular among her followers. She recently shared a video of uber-dainty nail art on her Instagram, that she had also shared 3 weeks ago, and it never gets old. The baby pink coloured, bedazzled nail art is the definition of classy. It is so beautiful that it also marked on her highlights on Instagram that has the collection of Kylie Jenner's best nail art designs. Nail Art That Looks Feet Grown on Your Fingers Is Driving The Internet Crazy (Watch Video)

The design includes two shades of pinks one deeper than the other and has butterflies drawn on them. The complete design is then adorned with little glitzy studs that give the whole manicure an edgy feel. In the video, Kylie Jenner can be seen flaunting the nail art giving us a good view from all angles. French Manicure Is BACK! But With a Twist You Didn’t Expect.

Kylie Jenner Butterfly Nail Art:


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If you're wondering how to get Kylie Jenner inspired butterfly nail-art, here's a tutorial video that can come in handy:

If you want a simpler version of this look easily at home, you can use the nail-art stamp-stencil that will easily give you the butterfly print in black and then you can style is with glistening studs of your choice. You can also give it a twist and get it done without getting nail-extensions.