Rutuja Sawant Is the Newest Name on the Block and She’s Here to Stay!
Rutuja Sawant (Photo Credits: File Image)

In today’s day and age, becoming a professional model is as tough as it gets. Amongst a hoard of models, a name that stands out is Rutuja Sawant.

Rutuja started her career in the model long industry as recently as just four months back. Even then, she has already worked for over 10 designer labels and for jewellery brands.

She was the winner of the Miss Pune contest in 2018 and is now slowly stepping foot in the world of acting in the Telugu industry.

When asked about how she measures her success, Rutuja replied, “everyone has a different metric for success, I believe that if I keep myself focused on what I love and dedicate all my hard work towards it, success will eventually find its way to me.”

Rutuja has over 16 thousand followers on Instagram and love seeing her share glimpses of her life as she climbs the ladder to success.