Taking the country by a storm with her intellectual written words, heartfelt emotions and comprehensive language is none other than the 25-year-old Priyadeep Kaur. After being recognized for her previous works by the Prime Minister, the youngster is back yet again with another striking novel, based on her own experiences, ‘Mostly Normal.’

Priyadeep Kaur is emerging as one of the richest young voices in Indian contemporary writing. Being a well-established writer, writing about important issues, brings a radical change in the Indian literary scene. For her efforts, she has been awarded with the title of Shaan-e-Kashi by the Indian Association of Journalists.

Her book ‘Mostly Normal.’ is based on her own experiences as a sibling of a brother with a neurological disorder. Mostly Normal reveals the journey of acceptance towards disabilities and encouragement to take responsibility for people with special needs. It brings into limelight the conversations that are hard to make. She wishes to normalize these issues and create a positive image for the same in the society starting with her readers.

Priyadeep Kaur’s latest book Mostly Normal released on 26th September 2022 ranked #1 Amazon Bestseller category in a little over two hours of its official release. “I am lucky enough that I am trying to inspire people from too little things.” tells Priyadeep Kaur, who is awarded with Uttar Pradesh Gaurav 2016, Atal Sammaan 2018, She has also been awarded by Women’s Film Forum for her work in Creative film production by Mr. Sandeep Marwah at Noida Film City.

She has built a name for herself, she is known for her previous books, Millions Of Faces In A Face, followed by another novel, Millions Of Faces from the same edition, as well as her novel ‘Oscar For Loving, Grammy For Not!’ was an instant amazon bestseller in the Indian books category. Things are surely looking up for Priyadeep Kaur.