For Vilasa, it's all about the experiential quotient; from lunches with royal chefs to discovering camel hair weavers in the outskirts of Jodhpur, Vilasa focuses on showcasing the essence of India using travel as a catalyst. At the helm, is Ms Ruhani Duggal, Founder & Director of Vilasa, who coined Vilasa's motto "Sight-feeling, not sightseeing". As soon as we heard this? We were hooked. And so, we sat down with this millennial powerhouse for some quick questions about her journey (no pun intended!) Presenting you Ms Ruhani Duggal in conversation with LatestLY.

What Was the Motivation Behind Starting Vilasa?

Since travel's a family business for me, I've been deeply involved in it since childhood. I think the tipping point came when I realized how limited people's knowledge was when it came to India. The Taj Mahal is wonderful, no doubt, but that's not all there is! I saw cookie-cutter journeys being circulated in our industry and thought this can't be it. India has a culture that is 5000 years old, and has so much to offer. It was up to me to harness this. It was up to me to decide how I could protect, preserve & promote our heritage. And so, Vilasa was born. From Virtual Tours to Flights to Nowhere, How The Idea of Traveling is Changing Amid The Pandemic.

What Makes Vilasa Different From Other Players in the Market?

With us, the focus is on sight-feeling. We craft journeys in a way that all your 5 senses are invigorated while you explore a city through experiences. People are a key part of our journeys; the idea is that you'll get to interact and spend time with these locals who are my 'hidden gems' and the soul of our country. From weavers in Varanasi, to painters in Kishangarh, I am so proud of my Vilasa family. The impact we're able to create on a micro-level with these people, not just their livelihood but also their exposure and their happiness, is what drives me every day. 'Bus From Delhi to London': Explore The World by Travelling Across 18 Countries Over 70 Days! Ticket Price Rs 15 Lakh.

A Tip for Fellow Entrepreneurs?

I think for budding entrepreneurs, I'd say, please don't analyze the status quo and set that as your benchmark. Our job is to invent the status quo, not match it.

Ruhani Duggal (File Image)

Her eyes gleamed as she answered questions about Vilasa, you could see passion oozing out of her. And we guess, that is what makes the difference. This is not just her job, this is who she is, in & out.

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