Dubai: UAE-based peer-to-peer vehicle sharing platform ‘Urent’ has recently announced that they have introduced numerous number of high-end vehicles into its garage. The news was announced in several media platforms, majority of which gained more traction through social media handles. However, the story started getting more attention when CEO ‘Omar Al Ashi’ and his fans posted numerous stories on his Instagram page.

According to the RTA, there are around 12,000 transportation and car rental companies registered in Dubai and over 255,000 of vehicles are registered for transportation and rental activities.

Urent’s association with RTA dates back almost two years, now making Urent a big player in the Emirati car rentals market. By the time it introduced many new options for the hosts, most rivals had already split from their partners, making Al Ashi’s concept a relative longevity stand out.

Recently, few cars were added into the Urent garage. Some of the names included British beauty ‘Rolls Royce’. Around 15 of these beauties were added into the Urent garage. Many tourists in Dubai earlier this week booked those Rolls Royce’s, making Urent the most refined car rental facility in UAE. A luxury car that feels like a driving home, and few popular places. What else could anyone demand?

It’s always better to part as friends. Urent’s CEO Omar Al Ashi was painstakingly diplomatic in doing business in 2013. After graduating from ‘The University of Toronto’, holding a degree in Industrial Engineering in 2017. Now he’s back as a mastermind in a vehicle-renting venture between the two that taps into UAE’s push to develop its automotive markets. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s old mantra “Dubai will never settle for anything less than first place." –– is at play once more.