What Does she Mean When she Calls Your Penis 'Little Guy'?
Micropenis (Photo Credits: The Noun Project and File Image)

The one and only topic that men are the most sensitive about all throughout their life would be the size of their penis. Whether it's big, small or average, most men are really bothered about what size is their penis. So, it would definitely be highly embarrassing if your girlfriend goes on to call your penis "Little guy". To most men, that's even more offensive than using a cuss word. A user on Reddit raised a similar query where he mentioned that his girlfriend went on to call his penis "little guy" and now, his mind is stuck on it. It's obviously not a pleasant thing to say to any guy and we're sorry but this is gonna stay in his head for a long, long time. Micropenis: Does Small Penis Mean Bad Sex Life?

Speaking of which, what does a woman actually mean when she calls your penis "little". Is she kidding or is she actually saying that you have a small penis? Let's try to decode. The Supergirl Sex Position: Try Out This Sex Position for Men With a Small Penis for Better Penetration.

She Could Possibly Be Joking

Giving her the benefit of the doubt, she might just be trying to pull off a hilarious joke. And if she is, you gotta tell her that she can joke about anything and everything but this. Describing your penis as little, even as a joke, can leave you with very low self-esteem and in case she isn't mature enough to understand that, you gotta let her know.

Maybe She Does Actually Feel You Have a Small Penis

Maybe, according to her, you do have a small penis. Now it completely depends on you and the kind of relationship you share with her, to deal with this situation. To be honest, the size of the penis shouldn't matter if you're able to satisfy her in bed. But then again, everyone has their own preferences.

If she is constantly picking on you, highlighting your flaws, you gotta dissect the problem. Either she is highly insecure of her flaws which is why she tries to take it out all on you or maybe she's just not happy with you. Either way, it's best to confront her about it and if she still continues to be the same, you know you aren't with the right person.