It's surprising when you hear that someone went through an entire course about online training before becoming an online consultant. Most people think that the best way to learn is from your mistakes, irrespective of the profession. But why take the risk when you can easily avoid some of the mistakes if you know them beforehand?

Salim Elhila, the co-founder of Learning Master, believes otherwise. He thinks that online consultants and trainers should know the possible challenges they may face in their training programs. This would allow them to focus on their approach and, therefore, find ways to deal with them before even starting their training agencies. With Learning Master, he is now able to teach hundreds of students every year who want to make it big in the online training, consulting and coaching industry.

Face-to-face learning

One of the reasons why Learning Master is one of the best platforms to learn about online coaching is it offers face-to-face learning. It isn't a typical tutorial course where you see pre-recorded videos. Salim loves interacting with students. He says, "The more you talk to these guys, the more you learn about their passion. I feel that if you are able to give direction to someone's passion, you are helping that guy shape his future. I try to do the same thing at Learning Master. Everyone who enrolls in this program wants to become successful. But everyone has a different passion for starting their online consultation and coaching service.

Some want to start a streaming channel because they are fed up with their 9 to 6 jobs. On the other hand, some don't want to go into the job sector and find online consultation an easier alternative to make a living. I don't judge anyone based on their purpose to make money. It's how quickly you make it that matters. If my sharing of my experience in the e-commerce sector helps them figure out what mistakes they shouldn't do, then that's their credit. I'm here to answer your questions, provide a roadmap, and suggest tricks that can make your business successful."

Understanding of students

 Salim believes that a successful entrepreneur must know his audience inside out. The audience's dynamics determine your marketing approach. He implemented the same approach with his training program also. Salim and his partner, Djibril Mara, shortlist candidates who are interested in Learning Master's ethics and values. They think that if you respect the program's ethics, you will not cross its learning objectives. This allows Salim to teach his students properly without compromising on quality.

He knows that each student attends his classes because they want to become successful trainers. They may have tons of questions about dealing with new students, their problems, confidence in front of the camera, and many other things. And Salim welcomes those questions in every session. He loves interacting with the students because he feels that that's the best way to learn and clarify your doubts.

You can enroll in a Learning Master if you also want to be a renowned online consultant and coach. His innovative teaching methods will make you rethink many strategies that you may already have, thus leading you to a path that helps you achieve the success you desire.