American Airlines Passenger Creates Ruckus Mid-Flight as he Was Denied Beer
American Airlines Passengers creates ruckus (Photo Credits: World News YouTube)

An American Airlines passenger created ruckus inside a flight because staff refused him a beer. The man went on to push and threaten his seatmate leading in a brawl mid-flight. The incident happened last week on flight 1293 from Saint Croix to Miami International Airport. The passenger identified as Jason Felix created a scene after a male flight attendant denied him more alcohol.

Felix had been opening and closing cabinets now and then creating a problem for his seatmate. The staffer also heard Felix making a commotion in the bathroom. The tension increased when he abused the flight attendant and demanded a third beer.

Bill Bolduc, a witness and passenger who recorded the fight told WSVN, "You could sense that the tension was increasing, so I just decided to use my iPhone in case something were to happen. He was asking for more beer and more alcohol."

In the video that has been widely shared on social media, the flight attendant can be heard saying, "Please sit down. I’m not bringing you any more beers." Bolduc added saying, "Hitting the chair, swearing, yelling at other passengers, spitting at people at some point." The brawl went on for an hour during the flight.

Watch the video here:

Following the incident, American Airlines released a statement that said, "We thank our crew of flight 1293 for taking care of our customers after a passenger caused a disruption. We are proud of the work they do every day." The flight landed safely in Miami the next hour. At the airport, Miami-Dade Police took custody of the unruly passenger and later turned over to the FBI. It is unclear whether the man will face any charges in this incident.