ASOS Uses Bulldog Clip to Make Dress Fit Perfectly, Gets Trolled on Social Media
ASOS uses bulldog clip on dress (Photo Credits: ASOS/Twitter)

British online fashion store ASOS is facing flak yet again for trying to make a dress on sale look perfect fit by using a bulldog clip. The light navy dress worn by a model can be seen clipped to make it look like a tailor-made fitting dress. She can see wearing the dress clips placed around the waist. As the pictures went viral, social media users suggested that it seems the clips were supposed to be edited out before uploading, but unfortunately, the editor forgot. This Denim Thong That Shows Your Whole Bum Is the Latest in Nearly-Naked Bizarre Denim Fashion (See Pics)

Twitter user Ronnie (@xronnieanna) who spotted the prop on the dress tweeted, "uhmm @ASOS ..think you forgot to edit those clips out." As the tweet went viral, people joked if £35 also included the cost of the clips. As it continued to be shared widely, ASOS replied to Ronnie saying, "Hi Ronnie, thank you for raising this with us. We're sorry to hear the clips are showing in the picture. We'll now raise this with our specialist team. If you have any questions please send us a message we'd be happy to help." Shortly later, the clips were edited out from the pictures of the dress. 'Inverted Jeans' Are The Newest Fashion Trend That Social Media is Not Impressed With.

Here is the tweet:

ASOS was quick to reply:

Check out the reactions below:

For all those who have received clothes, 'they did not order':

What are your thoughts on this, ASOS?

Yeah, why?


ASOS has faced social media's ire multiple times in the past. Last week, the cosmetic retailer made headlines for selling dresses made of 'bubble wraps'. The brand was also made fun at for selling see-through trousers on their website. Their 'truly high waist leg cut out leg harness' had also become the butt of all jokes on Twitter.