This $23 Crotchless and Bottomless Harnessed Cycling Shorts Has Outraged the Internet, Would You Try Them?
"Truly high waist leg cut out leg harness." (Photo Credits: ASOS)

Fashion companies these days are making more and more stuff that look less and less practical. Such "attire" usually just sound and maybe look good but always leave us wondering 'what the hell am I going to this in real life?' One of the recent examples is ASOS's new "truly high waist leg cut out leg harness," that had left people baffled. The excessively cut-out harness, will make you wonder about its purpose. It is cut out at the crotch and rear as well, making it look like a pair of suspenders for the thighs. More precisely it looks like suspenders that desperately wanted to become cycling shorts but failing miserably at it. UK Fashion Brand Boohoo's 'Reverse Stitched Jeans' Fails to Impress Social Media Users (See Pics.)

People cannot help but wonder the reason behind its existence. The description, however, the description only confused you even more. The $23 is described on the site like so: "It's already got your attention. High-rise waist. Cut-out design. Leg panels." The product details on making the matter vaguer. Some called it a minimalist, modern twist on a garter belt, in a more respectable way. However, the angry internet is not sparing the product and roasting it badly. An Instagram account that is meant solely for trolling ASOS posted a picture of the "harness" with a description, "What do we want? Extra pronounced leg bulges! When do we want them? Between 10.42 and 11.42 tomorrow!" Take a look at the picture of the "harness."

One of the comments read 'What are these hideous things?' While another commented: 'God, they're horrific.' 'I don't see a circumstance that would require them,' somebody else commented. They are crotchless and bottomless, leaving many questioning their purpose