'Inverted Jeans' Are The Newest Fashion Trend That Social Media is Not Impressed With
Inverted Jeans (Photo Credits: ciedenim Instagram)

Ripped jeans and plastic jeans are passé, inverted jeans are in! Yes, just like the name, you can now buy inverted-looking types of denim. A New York-based city retailer, CIE Denims designed inverted jeans inspired by the Netflix series 'Stranger Things'. The designer came up with the concept after the show which talks about a parallel universe, the Upside Down.  These jeans are your regular old denim jeans stitched upside down with waistband, belt loops and pockets (inverted-looking ones).

And each of the jeans is named after a Stranger Things' character. So you will find jeans named after Will, Nancy, Mike, El and Lucas in the new collection. While shorts are priced at USD 385 (Rs26,370), the pants cost USD 495 (Rs 33,905). And social media like always was abuzz with their thoughts on the newest jeans.

Check out the pictures below:

Twitterati could stop thinking about the good old days in the 90s when hip-hop duo Kris Kross wore backward jeans. While many said that the jeans with upside down pockets are nothing but useless. Though the pockets look inverted, it has upside facing pockets.

The product description on the website reads, "The will is our original inverted high-rise jean. features belt loops that wrap around the ankle, back pockets up the calf and a waistband made from the original ankle hem. every pair is constructed in nyc out of hand-selected vintage denim making each pair one of a kind."

Earlier this year, thong jeans had made a statement. The viral fashion denim simply runs down your legs are threads leaving almost nothing to the imagination. Plastic jeans had also created buzz on social media which looked like transparent clothes on legs. While these bizarre fashion trends continue to be made, social media remains least impressed and ensure to rip them apart with tweets.