Australian Mother Badly Injured by Hailstorm Trying to Save Daughter
Mother hit by hailstorm (Photo Credits: Fiona Simpson Facebook)

An Australian mother was driving back home with her daughter when the hailstorm hit the region. The 23-year-old had not checked the weather reports and the devastating storm began. Fiona Simpson was inside her car with daughter Clara and grandmother when the tornado hit Kingoray in Queensland's south-east around 3 pm on Friday. She thought staying inside the car would be safe but the pressure of the hailstones blew the rear and passenger windows.

As the condition worsened, she covered her baby with her body hoping for the hail to pass. Simpson told 9News, "I didn't realise the danger of what hailstorm could do. I jumped in the back seat and just covered her with my body, hoping for it to pass, but it just got heavier and heavier." She added saying, "The hail was coming in and I just put her on the floor because that was the only place with no hail hitting." Mumbai Female RPF Officer Goes Out of the Way to Help Estranged Children Reach Their Parents in Bihar and West Bengal!

Here is her Facebook post:

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Hailstones falling down heavily beat them black and blue leaving them with bruises and cuts on their back. Clara with only minor scratches. While she was worried for her daughter, she was relieved to find Clara only had minor scratches. Clara and her grandmother went to the hospital and had to spend the night there for treatment. Fiona is glad that the calamity has passed. She said, "It could have been a lot worse, that's for sure. You can replace a car but you can't replace a life."