Laungi Bhuiyan, the story of a lone canal digger in Bihar's Gaya district has touched the hearts of many. He has been persistent at his act since the past 30 years to ensure a three-kilometre-long canal made its way carrying rainwater to his village from nearby hills. While his family and neighbours did not support his noble idea, Bhuiyan did not let their opinions affect him. His hard work has now ensured that Kothilwa village has enough water. Now all he needs is a tractor and Anand Mahindra, chairman of Mahindra Group has stepped in to help him after a reporter tweeted about him. Anand Mahindra compared Bhuiyan's efforts to that of making 'Taj or pyramids'. Laungi Bhuiyan is also addressed as Dasharatha Manjhi, Laungi Manjhi and Bhuiyan. We Have a New Dashrath Manjhi: Odisha Man Builds Road Using a Pickaxe So Children to go to School.

Journalist Rohin Kumar tweeted saying that Laungi spent his 30 years in digging the canal. He writes, "Now, he wants nothing more than a tractor. He told me that it would have been of great help if he gets a tractor somehow." Rohin further wrote, " I reckon Mahindra would feel proud to honour this man."

Anand Mahindra replied comparing the canal ro 'Taj or pyramids'. He also promised to honour him with a tractor. He tweeted saying, "As you know, I had tweeted that I think his canal is as impressive a monument as the Taj or the Pyramids. We at @MahindraRise would consider it an honour to have him use our tractor."

Check Out the Tweet on Laungi Manjhi With His Canal in the Background:


Here's Anand Mahindra' Reply:

While digging the canal, as villagers continued to ridicule Bhuiyan and call him names, many-a-times, he also lost faith in himself. But he somehow gained confidence and completed the work of canal which is now beneficial for the whole village. ANI quoted him as saying, "For the last 30 years, I would go to the nearby jungle to tend my cattle and dig out the canal. No one joined me in this endeavour... Villagers are going to cities to earn a livelihood but I decided to stay back." We hope more such Bhuiyans arise!

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