Your wedding is always the most important day of your life. Aside from the mixed feelings of being in love and starting a new journey with your partner, your wedding dress is also in your mind. What if you spill something? What if it the train of the beautiful white dress get muddy, while on the walk to the venue? Though it can be unlikely, brides always try to be aware of some calamities that could befall their gorgeous wedding dress. However, it was not the same for this bride, who was snapped cleaning her new husband’s car tyres with her bridal gown in their wedding photos. The pic was shared on Reddit, and unimpressed netizens slammed the bride online for the ‘distasteful’ photoshoot. Wedding Photoshoot Fail! Californian Couple Swept Off Rocks Into Sea After Huge Wave Crashes Them While Posing For Pics, Rescued by Lifeguards. 

Cheeky pre-wedding and wedding photoshoot seems to have become a new trend over the last few years. Couples have been experimenting a lot, especially brides with her bridal valet service. A lot of such photos go viral on social media, sparking online debates among netizens. So, when the picture of the bride cleaning her new husband’s car was shared online, it was bound to ignite discussions. The Sun was first to report about the wedding photo going viral on Reddit. The pic shows the groom at the wheel of his blue car, pointing to a spot on the car, while the new bride is kneeling down on the floor, in her lavish wedding dress and using the white fabric to clean the tyres. Netizens are unimpressed. Couple's Titillating Pre-Wedding Photoshoot is Making Netizens Wonder If It's From Their Honeymoon. 

Here's the Viral Pic:

Hmmmm from r/weddingshaming

Although, a few people called it more tasteful as compared to some of the raunchier wedding dress, others slammed the couple, especially the bride, with a few claiming she has “no self-respect.”

“Does this woman have no self-respect? Imagine happily posing for a photo that implies your husband loves and respects his car more than you. Quite sad really. One day she might have a daughter who will see this photo,” reads one of the comments. “This is god awful. What is wrong with people?!” exclaims another.

Not much information is available about the couple. It is quite clearly a photo opportunity. The identity of the bride and groom was kept hidden, but it is evident from the posted photo that it was a consenting act between both the parties. But the viral wedding pic ended up causing quite the ruckus online after it was shared on the social media site.

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