Quite some people tell about seeing the mountains in their dreams. From climbing a mountain to standing on the peak to falling from one, people see various dreams that have mountains in it. However, the meaning of the dream depends on what exactly you saw in your dream. Different activities have varying meaning and may be closely associated with your life. It could show your inner feelings and personal challenges. Often mountains are hills are representative of your goals, desires, aspirations and ambitions. They can also show places of healing or purification. People have also spoken about having divine dreams during their sleep. Seeing River in Dreams Explained: Know The Meaning And Interpretation of Seeing Flowing Water or Stream in Sleep.

Walking or climbing up the mountain may represent a promotion at work. A dream of driving up the hill may suggest a change in your financial situation. The pace at which you are moving denotes a better situation. Climbing a steep mountain may show you are setting difficult goals while running up the hill symbolises your attempts to climb the ladder of success. Meanwhile, if you see yourselves going down a hill with ease, it shows that certain unsolved issues in your life will be solved soon. Rolling down a hill with barriers depict a negative issue. Snakes in Dreams? What does it Symbolise? Know The Meaning of Seeing Serpents While Sleeping.

Also, quite some people tell about fall from a height in their dream. It may show that you expected a dream to be easy to achieve, but that is not the case. Standing on a mountain in a dream symbolises a strong position in society. Seeing snow in the mountains in a dream prepares you for some difficult situation, hence you have to patient. Seeing yourself going down a mountain slope may show that you underestimate yourself.

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