People see different dreams on a daily basis of which many are hard to understand. Rivers seem to be a common element in dreams. Seeing a river in during sleep can represent various things in your life. It can symbolise your attitude towards life. It can represent abundance which is going to come into your life in the near future. The interpretation depends on what exactly you saw in the dream. A rapidly flowing river can show a turbulent phase. Cats in Dreams Explained: Know The Meaning and Interpretation of Seeing Cats in Your Sleep.

The riverbank can be representative of your current situation. A river flowing amid snow may be representative of how you feel cold while one going through the land can show nourishment. Whereas, a dry river could suggest you lost creative factor or is not using it anymore. It could also show any dried area of your life and maybe suggestive of the improvement you require. However, if you see a river normally flowing without any noticeable changes, it indicates that you are going fine with the flow. Seeing Plane Crash in Dreams? Know the Meaning And Significance of Dreaming Airplane Accidents During Sleep.

If you see yourself bathing in the river, it shows the negative influences around you. While swimming upstream in a flowing river could show the challenges you have undertaken and will easily succeed in your life. Meanwhile, crossing a river may be trying to tell you to get over an obstacle that you are currently facing. However, drowning in the river could suggest that your current responsibilities are burdening you. A river in black colour could show a disease while a muddy one would show that you are in a situation that you are finding it difficult to get out of.

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