There have been so much stigma around period blood in the past but these days it is being claimed that drinking and applying period blood on the face is almost equal to "pure medicine. Yes, a woman from Barcelona believes that drinking her own period blood doesn't just improve her overall health but also clear skin. The woman named Jasmine Alicia Carter who is 30 years old claims that period blood keeps her healthy.

She claims that applying her fresh menstrual blood as a facemask helps her skin glow. According to Daily Mail, she believes that creating "period paintings" with her period blood has helped her spiritually and improved her physical health. The Sacred Woman's Empowerment Mentor has reportedly helped and coached women "to understand and reclaim the inherent sacredness that lies within their entire menstrual cycle."  What Is Rainbow Kiss? Is It Safe? Know More About the 69 Position Kiss That Involves Mixing Period Blood with Semen in the Mouth.

Many would argue that it may not be sanitary enough to drink period blood or even to apply it on the facial skin but this woman believes that it works for her as she believes that understanding and reclaiming her period has given her a whole new appreciation for herself and for women. She said to Daily Mail: "We are here because of our vaginas and our blood and women don't take enough credit for that. Instead, throughout time, women have been taught to feel ashamed of our periods. If you look at tampons and sanitary pads, they're floral scented and full of chemicals to hide our blood and compromise the natural functioning of our periods."

Alicia Carter believes that menstrual blood is packed with nutrients and is super healthy not just for her but also other women. She said to Daily Mail that "in reality, your menstrual blood is highly packed with all the nutrients that we need. It's rich with protein, iron, copper, selenium which many women are so depleted of. It contains regenerative stem cells and it has antimicrobial as well as detoxifying properties. Your menstrual blood is pure medicine. If you can collect you period blood, there are so many things you can do with it and ways it can benefit your health and wellbeing."

She further said, "When I drink my period blood, I will usually squat on the toilet, remove my menstrual cup and take a sip. I'm so connected to my body that I know exactly how much blood to drink. Sometimes it's just a sip and sometimes it's a whole menstrual cup because I need more nutrients."

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