The year 2020 has given us enough to regret, and some people even managed to ruin our appetite and cravings—all thanks to their weirdest food combinations. With people being indoors, they engaged in trying new recipes, while ruining many of our all-time favourite snacks and desserts. There were many, and it appears, the weird combination is not going to end anytime soon. Just last month, a picture of Maggi with curd went viral. Now a photo of Ferrero rocher Manchurian is going viral! Before we even begin with what the buzz is all about, we are really curious to know what would lead someone to even think of such combination. It’s Ferrero rocher, for heaven’s sake! Anyway, the picture of this terrible food combination is going viral online, and it will surely make your scream, ‘MY EYES, MY EYES!!’

Like we said, weird food trend is something we somehow come across every year. However, in 2020, we saw way too many! People have tried the most unthinkable combinations EVER. Oreo bhajia enraged the netizens. We also had Maggi Panipuri, giving quite a competition to other odd food combinations. And we don’t even want to start with pineapple and kiwi pizzas! While these food combinations and trends ruined our appetite, there comes the photo of Ferrero rocher Manchurian.

Twitter user and journalist, Joanna shared the picture with the caption, “Here to annoy you with a photo of the nicest thing I've found online.” And she was successful! People online were annoyed by this horrible food combination. Viral Pic of Oreo Ice Cream Samosa is Giving Nightmares to All Snack Lovers on Twitter. 

Here's the Pic:

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It is known as to who actually tried out this recipe. But the person surely ruined both Manchurian and chocolates for us, and the photo will stay in our head, for a few more days, at least, before something else surpasses this combination! We desperately hope there is an end to it, sooner.

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