Do you love Maggi noodles? If that's a no, then you are sure a rare-to-find person. Hot Maggi "2-minute noodles" which never get done in two minutes are a favourite among many people. And while everyone may have their preferences about enjoying their Maggi be it with veggies or extra water to make it soupy, have you ever mixed them with curd? We get it if you are feeling a little irked by the combination but a Twitter user has tried it out and calls it "food for the soul." But other users and lovers of Maggi noodles disagree and some even call it blasphemy. The tweet is now going viral with foodies definitely unimpressed and wanting to report on a "crime". Oranges in Maggi Noodles? Picture of This Weird Food Combination is Wanting Netizens to Throw Up in Disgust!

Twitter user by the name Felon Mask posted a picture of her plate with Maggi noodles mixed with curd. The tweet is now going viral as people call out to this food combination. This is not the first time, Maggi has been experimented with. Last year, someone made Maggi noodles by using milk instead of water! While there are so many flavours available within these instant noodles, people seem to love experimenting with unusual tastes, like curd here, for example.

Check The Tweet of Maggi With Curd Here:

Check how people on Twitter have reacted to this food combination:

How to Unsee?

Calls for Execution

The Murder of Maggi

What Did You Just See?

Stay Hungry > Eat This


Pukish Reaction

Reporting a Crime

What do you think? A few days ago, someone posted pictures of Kaju Katli soup online and Twitterati was up in arms, but that taking it too far! So now how do you like your Maggi? Want to try with a little curd next time?

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