Eating after every two hours is considered to be the right way of eating to stay healthy. But that doesn’t simply mean that you can eat anything and everything that’s around.

For maintaining good health, it is very necessary to maintain a good diet. To maintain a good diet, it is very important that you eat healthy things and don’t starve. Also, a very important part of a good diet is to know the right food combination. Many food combinations are so dangerous that they may not just make you feel bloated and heavy but also lead to stomach aches, nausea and fatigue. To help you understand better about these food combinations, we at LatestLY, have curated a list of food items which should not be consumed together. Someone Ate This Weird Food Combination and Netizens CANNOT Digest It.

Banana and Milk

Almost everyone loves banana shake, but did you know that as per yogic language it is considered as Virudhh Ahaar. It is one of the most toxins forming foods that may slow down your mind and also make you lethargic.

Water With Food

There are many people who usually drink water in between having the food. But you must know that this is one of the worst combinations because water dilutes the stomach acids which are essential for the digestion of the food. This makes your tummy work more to digest the food.

Burger and Fries

This is the most loved food combination for many. But because both of them contain a high amount of trans fat, it is not only harmful but also decreases blood sugar levels and makes you feel lethargic and exhausted.

Tomatoes in Pasta

Almost everyone loves red sauce pasta, but did you know that the acidic content in tomatoes doesn’t let the pasta digest easily. It further causes indigestion, chronic headache and stomach ache.

Fruits With Meals

The fruits are easily digested but the meal takes time. If taken together, fruits are also detained till the food is digested which further leads to the fermenting of the fruit. Therefore, having fruit with or immediately after the meal is not a good idea.

Just staying away from oily food and sugar is not enough to maintain good health.  It is very important to eat the right combination of food at the right time so as to maintain a good and healthy lifestyle.

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