Gillian Anderson As Dildos! Somebody on Twitter Made a Thread Dedicated to Actress' Resemblance to Sex Toys and You'll Never Unsee It (View Pics)
Gillian Anderson as Dildos (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Gillian Anderson turned 51 yesterday, August 9, 2019, and this woman hasn't even aged a bit. The Golden Globe-winning actress has donned many roles like a piece of cake, and many would use adjectives to define her like beautiful, sexy, stunning, etc. But only this time a Twitter user that goes by the handle name @loriperrynicks compared the way Gillian looked in various outfits to similar-looking dildos! Like we know, the red of Anderson's dress and the dildo were similar reds but, omg, this will take us an eternity to unsee, and we say this on behalf of so many other Twitter users who can't believe their eyes. Moreover, IT IS A THREAD! It's not even like a dress or two.

The Twitter user wrote on Twitter along with a bunch of collages of Gillian Anderson's pictures and that of dildos that represent each picture: "Gillian Anderson as dildos a thread Happy birthday @GillianA." And there opened the pandora's box. Btw, while we're here talking about sex toys, did you know Amazon Sells Baby Clothing With 'F**k Toy' Written on It; Removes After Being Accused of Glorifying Child Sex Abuse?

Take a look at the tweets.

The second one

Third one

Fourth one

Fifth one

Sixth one, OMG make this stop

Here comes the seventh one

Like seriously, the eighth one?

My life's not going to be the same again- the ninth one

Somebody stoppp, the tenth one

What wizardry is this? Look at the eleventh one

Just brutal: the twelveth one

Finally, the last one

No, let's not call it a thread, it was torture, however, Anderson really loved this unique birthday wish! She took to Twitter to share the tweet and said, "My favourite thing ever. You have seriously made my birthday."

Check Anderson's tweet:

Well, good that Jillian Anderson liked it because if it would have backfired, things would have gotten ugly. But of course, 100 marks for creativity! What do you think?