Gordon Ramsay Shares Pictures of Exotic Seasonal Dishes From His London Restaurant But Twitterati's Appetite for Jokes is Never Ending
Gordon Ramsay seasonal dishes tweet (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Celebrated chef Gordon Ramsay is known for his culinary mastery and food critiquing. With his own line of restaurants boasting of Michelin star awards, Ramsay keeps sharing pictures of some of the dishes made in them. Recently, Ramsay shared a few pictures of seasonal dishes made at his signature restaurant, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay in Chelsea, London. He shared three pictures of exotic dishes made in here but Twitterati, however, wasn't so impressed. The little portions on the plate seemed to a major concern for many netizens. Amusing comments followed on Ramsay's "stunning seasonal dishes."

If you are among the ones who love hogging on food, then well, quantity served in a plate does matter. The pictures shared by Ramsay showed very little portions on the plates, decorated well with some leaves and fruits. But the portion size was far from filling at least for netizens, who left some funny and amusing comments. Gordon Ramsay's Butter Chicken From His Restaurant at Heathrow Airport Gets Hilariously Trolled on Social Media, Check Funny Tweets.

Check Gordon Ramsay's Pictures of Seasonal Dishes:

Not Even a Mouthful

But Where's the Food?



Get 72 More of This Please

Not Filling

Accurate much?

Some users also commented that the presentation was indeed beautiful but the smaller portions were still a concern. Well, but that is how it is in most of the fancy restaurants where the cost of the dish is pretty high compared to the food that comes on a plate. Twitterati was voicing the same concern with funny jokes and comments here.